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Sanitary napkin pad machine function and characteristics

Date:2012-10-30 14:06:18view:

1. Driving mode: shaft drive (the machine USES frequency conversion motor drive£¬ gear box£¬ cardan shaft£¬ synchronous belt transmission)
2. Three folding independent fast easy packing type: "white piece" - $wing sticker - 90 degrees turn - equidistance correct delivery - sanitary napkin glue stick packaging film and thirty percent inclusion and easily applicable sealing£¬ small packaging end seal end cut to form independent packaging£¬ product array output.
3. The sanitary napkin pad machine can also produce three chip£¬ stereo protect surround£¬ ultra-thin (silk handkerchief) drug short cut£¬ ordinary no need to replace equipment unit.
4. Touch screen function: motor switch machine£¬ speed display£¬ the output count£¬ time record£¬ parameter setting£¬ alarm query£¬ fault display£¬ such as fault inquires (according to the different type£¬ touch screen function Settings have difference)
5. Equipment can produce ultra-thin sanitary napkin or cotton core type fast easy package sanitary napkin£¬
6. Heating swivel the cylinder pressure£¬ can not achieve stop phase adjustment.
7. PLC and touch screen + inverter control system;
8. Surface non-woven fabrics£¬ bottom flow delay membrane of the major materials£¬ including automatic in joint device; Automatic tension device; Automatic correction device; Automatic eliminate device; Production fault automatic shutdown system;
9. Sanitary napkin pad machine configuration the door.
10. The working parts loading electric differential device£¬ implementation does not stop limit correction.
11. Teeth-like crusher can adapt to the untreated rolled pulp and already untreated rolled pulp;
12. Cotton core center adding high polymer absorbent resin£¬ suction should be stronger£¬ more safety.
13. Have dredge layer non-woven T-shirt cutting£¬ the net surface dotting processing functions.
14. Transmission parts£¬ sanitary napkin pad machine can use the German champions Peter synchronous belt£¬ circular arc gear combined with gear case; the key parts adopt NSK bearing (made in Japan)£¬ and to realize the smooth transmission equipment£¬ prolonging the. The spin 90 degrees to the wheel to design£¬ high speed£¬ simple and reliable.
15. Rest material with 45 quenched and tempered steel£¬ prolong the service life of cutting tools

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